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"Van Nuys Blvd." Boxart
Van Nuys Blvd.

Summer's winding down, so relive the hot & sweaty cruisin' days of old with Van Nuys Blvd. while you still can! See: people riding around! Extended "Fun Park" sequences so long your eyes will bleed! Random gorillas and pigs!

The dog days of summer in California sure were zany back in the day. Watch this and wonder why you spent the entire season indoors watching, well, movies like Van Nuys Blvd.

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[Posted on Tuesday, October 11th, 2011]

Horror lost another icon this week as David Hess (Last House on the Left, Fallen Angels) passed away at 69.

While researching David's career, I noticed he was due to film House on the Edge of the Park 2, directed by original director Ruggero Deodato. Also, he was a songwriter, and did most of the music for Cabin Fever! Not sure how I missed that.

RIP David, nobody played a psychopathic rapist quite like you!

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